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Finish Up Friday

Published on September 9, 2016 under math

Today we finished up our unit called ” I am Unique. ”  We learned that many of us have different eyes, hair, names, and even skin.  This is Pax and Ms Dallas working on a chart graphing hair color today.  No one in our group had red hair but the older kids fondly remembered Canyon from last year.



Since school started we have done much graphing .  Making graphs or charts not only gives you the opportunity to introduce math language like more, less and most but it also strengthens our literacy skills. We begin to realize that print has meaning and t hat their words and ideas are important,

We begin to have some letter recognition and letter/sound association when we see letters that might be in our own name  . We begin to sort things on paper so we can begin to be visual learners.


Charting is also important because on each piece there is something from every member of our preschool family. Everyone plays a part in completing our ” work. ”


I put new markers on the table today and was able to grab some great writing samples for our portfolios. One day I will walk you through the stages of a child’s writing.


I needed a little time stretcher today . We practiced writing letters in shaving cream.


Khloe and I worked on sorting pine cones . Small -medium – large .


It was another great day.


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