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Grandparents and Gravy

Published on September 12, 2016 under Amazing Bodies

The highlight of our day was the ” Grandparents and Gravy’ event this morning.  It is so much fun to meet the grandparents of our littles.  I know how grandparents think. I am one. There is no better job on the planet than to be a grandparent.  I can’t think of a more rewarding time in life. It is a time that you get to reap the benefits of  watching the values and traditions you placed in your child’s life come full circle.   Our menu consisted of biscuits, white gravy and chocolate gravy, cracker barrel style hash brown casserole, mixed fruit, milk, juice and coffee.  I heard many say, I have never heard of chocolate gravy. I think that is a delta ” thing.”   Don’t we all have something that we LOVED to go to our grandmas to eat.  Something that only SHE knew how to cook that you looked forward to at each visit.  If you don’t have your signature dish yet, try this chocolate gravy. Its really quite simple and the kids love it.


This week we are learning about our ” Amazing Bodies. ”   Holly , a former ( and future ) preschool mom brought her two babies by so we could ask her questions and think about how small we all used to be.  The kids asked questions like ” what does he eat ?” and ” can he walk?” One baby was 3 months and the other was 16 months.  Holly has her hands full.


Inside we played with new materials on the table.

Mr Potato Head


Baby shower toys to sort or count


Sticker pages to peel


and a game with Ms Dallas. They sorted pictures of body parts.


It was a busy day.

The kids loved our music today .  Songs that talk about the body have been around forever and I am sure you know many of them. Each day I will add one that you can sing with your child.  Start with  :

Head, shoulders, knees and toes,
Knees and toes.

Head, shoulders, knees and toes,
Knees and toes.

And eyes, and ears, and mouth,
And nose.

Head, shoulders, knees and toes,
Knees and toes.

Place both hands on parts of body as they are mentioned. On second time speed up, and get faster with each verse.



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