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Published on September 8, 2016 under emergent curriculum

Our lesson plan today included graphing our eye colors . We are still focusing on how we are each unique.  And well… I didn’t get a picture of our chart. But we did do a lot of pinecone exploring.  ( Thanks all the moms that have brought pinecones to us ! )

We did a little science experience .  Have you ever put a pine cone in a cup of water ?  It closes ! It is really quite fascinating .


We painted pinecones and hung them in our room .


We strengthened our fine motor skills but twirling yarn ( Thanks Mindy ! ) on pinecones.


The boys went for a walk and were reminded where those pine cones come from.


The activités today were following a true child emergent curriculum.  The children showed us their interest in pine cones and we followed through with activities to match their interest.

Today we also had our first two absences. This is one of the reasons we use the ” wish you well ” board.  Two of our friends were not feeling well today .   They were missed and we wished them well.

I need to brag on Pax’s mom Rochelle. Please know that when I brag on her ( or anyone ) that doesn’t mean I am knocking other parents down . I get it.  Some parents have to work.  Sometimes kids ( other than your own ) are just not your thing.  Rochelle started staying every morning at drop off until we go in for family time. I think her reasons are many. She wants to help Pax adjust.  She wants to get to know us all better.  What is happening is she is forming a great bond with several of the littles.  They look forward to her in the mornings.  She really would make a great preschool teacher.  This is what I love about parent engagement.  It isn’t anything formal.  There is no prep . She just pops in for about 20 minutes and leaves .  It is helpful and it means a lot to the kids and to me.  She has really become part of our preschool family .  If you have 15 minutes or more during the week from drop off until about 12:00  and want to stop in, please feel welcome.   Every day when Rochelle leaves she says ” Ok ! I am going to put in my seat belt so I am safe.  ”  The kids look forward to it (  they don’t realize its a teaching moment  ) and I do too.



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