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Friday Eve

Published on April 28, 2016 under Literacy
Friday Eve

These last few weeks of school either fly by or drag  on forever. The end of our school year has seemed to do both if that is possible.  As I looked around today I thought of all the little faces that in 13 school days will not show up at my door every morning.  There is so much I will miss when they go to kindergarten.


I will miss Gabriel holding the gate open saying ” Come in Mi-lady !”

I will miss Clara who found her smile this year and decided that preschool was fun .

I will miss Lilly and her loud belly laughs .

I will miss Chandler and his amazing math skills and his shy grin .

I will miss Canyon and his spirit of adventure.

I will miss Makenzie and the  edge of drama she  adds to  most anything .

I will miss Kilee and her sweet sweet spirit of wanting to be kind and helpful.

I will miss Jasmin and her helpful nature.

I will miss William and his trusting smiles .

I will miss Violet and watching her face. I swear you can see her think.

Today we found that our bird eggs had hatched.  You know as a preschool teacher we really do plan for certain things to happen in our day.  Its discouraging when you are doing a unit on Spring and it snows . But weeks like this when you are talking about birds and you actually get to see the life cycle on our front porch. YES !



We also played a literacy game with the chicka chicka boom boom tree.




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