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Kindergarten Games

Published on May 2, 2016 under Winter
Kindergarten Games

Sadly the gap between preschool and kindergarten widens each year.  As a teacher passionate about letting children be little while we can I also live in the real world.  How do you get children ready for the big change that is about to happen ?   I asked one of  my mentors ” Am I doing my littles a disservice by not doing all those things they will see in kindergarten ? Should I be expecting them to color worksheets instead of create art ? Should we be sitting in circle time for extended periods  so we get used to sitting longer ? Should we be lining up more and playing less ? ”   Sigh….  My mentor suggested this time of year to start to play ” kindergarten games.”  Today we read a book about kindergarten and through out the week we will be playing more  ” kindergarten  games. ”


We do all the right things to get ready for kindergarten.


We use our tiny finger muscles to take apart a clock. Not only do we find out what is inside but we also get our fingers ready to write !


Number line made from our loose parts blocks !


Which letter comes next ?


I see a pattern, do you ?





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