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Mud Wins !

Published on April 27, 2016 under Winter
Mud Wins !

There was excitement outside with the mud hole that was left over from the storm last night .  I want to tell you  all the things  kids learn from playing in a mud hole.  Out of their own mouths from the video you heard ” Let’s see if it sinks or floats!”  That was without any prompting from me. Children are born investigators.



I will just point out the worksampling indicators that I look for  .

While playing in the mud hole –

Personal and Social Development :

Demonstrates Self Confidence

Shows independence and self direction

Follows simple classroom rules and routines with guidance

Manages transitions

Shows eagerness and curiosity as a learner

Attends briefly and seeks help when encountering a problem

Approaches tasks with flexibility and inventiveness

Interacts with one or more children

Interacts with familiar adults

Begins to identify feelings and responds to those of others

Begins to  use simple strategies to resolve conflict.

Language and Literacy

Gains meaning by listening

Uses words and representations to describe mathematical ideas

Shows understanding of some comparative words

Shows understanding of some positional words


Uses senses and simple tools to explore

Explores the properties of objects and materials and how they change

Explores how materials and objects move

Explores rocks, water, soil and sand


Physical Development  

Moves with balance and control

coordinates basic movement patterns to perform simple tasks

Physical Development 

Begins to perform self care tasks

Follows basic safety rules with reminders

That was 23 indicators !

Inside we also did a teacher activity – a math game !



Here are the indicators that planned activity hit .

Personal and Social 

Follows simple classroom rules with guidance

Manages transitions

Attends briefly and seeks helps when encountering a problem

Interacts with familiar adults

Language and Literacy 

Follows two step directions


Shows interest in counting

This activity hit 6 indicators .


Which activity was more of a learning experience ?   Its pretty easy to see based on this data that children learn more when allowed to explore their natural environment than I can ever call them to a table to learn.




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