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Rock and Roll Rockstars

Published on February 26, 2016 under music
Rock and Roll Rockstars

Today we talked about rock and roll music.   C anyon’s older brother came over and hooked up his electric guitar and played some rock and roll for us.   He said ”  Im gonna play I love Rock and Roll ” and seemed surprised that all the kids knew most of the words. Did no one tell him we are the ” cool” preschool ?   The kids loved  the sound his guitar made  and he seemed to enjoy answering their questions.


Another visitor came this morning and did a few songs with us .  Carrie, Claras mom, came and did some fast songs  with hand motions that she uses at children’s church .  Carrie is our children’s pastor at First Baptist Church.  The kids loved dancing around and singing with their hands in the air.


Its been a fun week as we talked about 5 different styles of music. . We ended our week with a graph . We decided which style of music we liked the best.  Rock and roll won with more votes than any so we ate our lunch to the tunes of Guns and Roses.





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