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The Ugly Duckling

Published on February 29, 2016 under Pond
The Ugly Duckling


Today we started a new unit called ” On the Pond .” I didn’t realize I had so many materials for this unit.  Our day was busy !  The children had a buzz all morning as they explored all the different materials .

The fish are for  counting .  We put some in our makeshift pond. The kids were using fishing poles to ” fish ” but couldn’t pick them up.  We put metal tacks on the end and now they can.  It was a great little unexpected science lesson in the middle of the day.

















Another choice of bright squishy frogs to sort and manipulate .
















Blue rocks on a silver  platter.  The turtle next to the platter has a dice inside.  The children roll the dice to determine how many blue ( water ) rocks they should remove from the pond.





















Blue pond sand to draw our name in !















Chandler found out that his fishing pole would stick to the metal tray .















The tricky dilemma of the day. How did that orange vest get in the tree? Wind ? Squirrel ? And how can we get it down ? The children were problem solving .” We can stand on each others shoulders. We can get a ladder . We can take our blocks and make a path up to the vest. Maybe a leprechaun put it up there and he will come take it down. ” So.. the mystery is still not solved. How…. did it get up there? But really..








The pond. We charted what we know about a pond and then set our to create one in the middle of our play room.




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