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Music Perfomance

Published on February 25, 2016 under Winter
Music Perfomance

The highlight of our day was walking to Southside and listening to a class play their recorders and sing a song for us. They are preparing  to play along with  the entire fourth grade with an orchestra.   The music notes were high up on a screen as the students played. I was very impressed with their voices.   Mrs.  Price was kind to let us step in for a few minutes.

There is one of our work sampling indicators that is sometimes hard to observe. From the  Worksampling standards :

1 Responds to artistic creations or events.

Many children express their interest in the arts as observers rather than producers. With teacher guidance, children can begin to comment on each other’s work, asking questions about methods used, showing interest in the feelings being expressed, or noticing details. With teacher support, 4-year-olds can attend to and appreciate children’s concerts, dance performances, and theater productions.


This corresponds with the Arkansas Benchmarks :

2.01 Shows creativity and imagination in play with materials and props

2.13 Recognizes and responds to beauty in the environment


I would say that we nailed this one on the head all week. We listened. We asked appropriate questions .  We responded by clapping or covering our ears.









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