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Winter Wonderland

Published on January 12, 2016 under Uncategorized
Winter Wonderland

Yesterday and friend posted a  wonderful winter wonderland she made for her littles.  I was jealous !  It was amazing.   SInce we are doing a unit right now and snow  ( and there is none ) I decided to borrow ( Loose term teachers use for stealing other teachers ideas ; Thanks Kim ! )  her idea.  Off to Hobby Lobby I go and purchase a 20.00 box of pretend snow.  That stuff goes a LONG way.

At breakfast we read a book called ” Geradines Big Snow ” and afterwards we talked about what we might add to our dress up room to create a winter wonderland. The children came up with a list of must haves !   We charted penguins and snow. snowflakes and snowmen and snow, of course.  After making the list we did a little problem solving.   How can we have a snowman in our winter wonderland without snow ?  How can we have penguins ?

I taught the children that wanted how to make snowflakes and I strung some cotton balls for snow.


The snowmen some have made as a family project worked perfectly for our winter wonderland.


When Ms Dallas pulled the fiber fill out of the box the kids were amazed.  They had snowball fights and played and laughed.  Children’s imaginations are amazing and really fairly simple to ignite.

We also drew a snowman face and laced holes around the edges.


( Carrie we were intrigued by Claras sewing. It was very intentional and took time.  Is this a method you have taught her ?  Amaziing ! )




We played with shaving cream on the table and even wrote letters in it !


It was another busy fun day.  Tomorrow we might talk about what else we can do to enhance our winter wonderland !


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