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Lets Play in the Snow

Published on January 11, 2016 under Uncategorized

Lets play in the snow , in the snow together

Lets play in the snow.

Its winter and cold weather.


During breakfast today I read a book about a magic snowman.   Then we talked about ” what do we already know” about snow and ice.   The kids made a pretty extensive list.


Thankfully , when we went outside we were able to test some of our thoughts .   There was ice to touch, break, and even a little ice to slide one.


William even found a little snow left over  !


Some of the fun inside today was a game with toilet paper.   We tried to ” build ” a snowman but it didnt work out quite like I envisioned.  HA~!

We made snowmen out of our names. First , I wrote the kids hames on a sheet of paper. We talked about putting one letter on each snow ball so we counted how many letters we each had in our name . Then we counted out the snow balls.  The children that could wrote their letters on the snowballs.  We glued them together and added a top ball with a hat and drew a face.   This is a LOT of steps but they did it !

There was  a science provocation.  What do you think will happen to the ice if we just leave it in the bowl.

Outside we started a science experience . We gathered some colorful pieces of leaves , berries and a few assorted things from the play yard and placed them in tins.  We added water. Tomorrow we will see if they freeze over night and our ” things” freeze  with them.  ART !




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