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Math and Literacy !

Published on January 13, 2016 under Uncategorized
Math and Literacy  !

Today many of our ‘ games ” were intentionally targeting math and literacy skills.

There was the snowman game board.  The children would roll the dice and count the dots to see how far to move their snowball on the board. This game was also great for teaching left to right progression as we made our way around the game board.

There was the snowball fight in the hallway. Throw the snowball at a letter on the wall and tell me what the letter is and what sound it makes.

Oh, there was also the snowman game on the floor. The kids would throw the beanbag on the snowman and call out the number it landed on.



Just a little added extra.   Did you know  we are encouraged to let the children experience 3D art atleast once monthly.  Our kiddos have access to 3 D materials all  the time but monthly we have a ” planned ” 3D experience .  Ms Dallas made a book to document our 3D art.  We have put it on so the children can go back and look at the art pieces they made.



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