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Pumpkin Playdoh and Turkey Feet

Published on November 18, 2015 under Uncategorized

Today has been a busy day  in more ways that one.

We painted feet to start making a decoration for our Thanksgiving feast.  Have you ever  painted and cleaned 16 children’s feet.  It is no easy feat. 🙂


Together we made pumpkin playdoh. I loved when I explained to the children that I had to orange food coloring and they told me I could use red and yellow.  ” Remember over there when we mixed paint… remember it turned orange?”  Why, yes.. I do. 🙂


I added leaves to the table with some paint to make leaf prints.

Sorry I am not wordy today , my head hurts.  I dont get stressed out much from inspections because I am a rule follower.  I am the girl that doesnt even like to walk in the door clearly marked exit at Walmart.  If you do what you are supposed to do when it comes time for an inspection it is really no big deal.


First the health department was here. That looks a little different here. She usually on tries to test food that we use for children and well.. you know we mainly do whole foods so there isnt a lot to stick her little tester in . We did have a few write ups today. :/  I had switched to bleach tablets so trying to make something ” better by being consistent ” and it caused a problem.  They arent approved by the health department – not the brand that I bought.  That affects everything… then surfaces are not cleaned. We use a dish drainer and a drying mat for over glow – also.. not approved.  ugh….. And for some strange reason the the food was reading high in the fridge. My guess is that she came at lunch and it had been open getting things out ? Who knows ?  As much as I am a rule follower I also hate not being perfect. Sigh… it is what it is.

As she is upstairs typing up her report Candace our licensing specialist walks in.  Lord have mercy… can someone call the fire marshall also and we will have a party ?  Everything with Candace went well.  She is always so positive.  She said when she walked in our science room she just felt a sigh come on … peace.  Yes, that is what we are going for in there .   New regulations were just released that says that food can no longer be served on a napkin.  Again LORDAMERCY — how many people were raised with their momma putting a bologna sandwich on a papertowel with chips ? I can’t even believe we will be messing up dishes with four crackers and some grapes but again.. it is what it is ? Also ,she didnt write these rules.. she is only enforcing them.

Sigh…..  I need a piece of  bread.



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