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Sweet Sweet Turkey

Published on November 19, 2015 under Uncategorized

Holiday season always brings around those teacher directed crafts.  We made a couple today that will be used as decorations for our program .  I hope you enjoy that type of thing.  I did try to let the kids do as much of the  ” work ” as possible so it is authentic and a real piece of ” art ” from your child.

First we made small turkeys that will be on headbands during the Thanksgiving Feast as we sing.  SUPER CUTE ! The kids cut out the feathers and glued them on.  I  didnt even give them lines to go by. We just talked about what a feather looks like with a pointy end and they went at it.  Because of that freedom they all look unique!  We will finish up the headbands tomorrow.  See… a few ( or maybe a couple )  years ago we made our headbands the day OF the feast and lets just say that colored glue running down a child’s face can be quiet distracting as they sing ” Five Fat Turkeys.”


Remember the footprints from yesterday. Today we added feathers. These cute turkeys will be turned into a place mat for your child’s lunch and hopefully a keep sake for you.


Sweet Sweet Turkey. Lets sort some skittles by color on turkey feathers.


This morning we watched a little bit of Pocohontas .


It was just a fun activity after we read a non-fiction book about pilgrims and indians .


Some facts the kids might know if you ask.

1.  What did the Indians help the pilgrims plant ?

2. Did the children go to school ?

3 .  How did the women pilgrim cook ?

4. What was the name of the boat the pilgrims came to America on ?





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