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Worm Farm

Published on June 4, 2015 under Uncategorized

Can I even express to you the struggle of wanting to let the kids just play outside all day while we can ? This weather is amazing and while they are playing and content it is so hard for me to pull them away.  There are so many thing that can be learned outside while playing.



For instance how to get a stuffed monkey out of the tree.  Someone accidently threw the monkey up landing on a limb.  For over thirty minutes I watched and listened. They tried throwing things up to knock it down .They tried climbing higher and jumping up. I think my favorite was when Izzy stretched her little arm out with a worm intact and said ” Get it worm…”  🙂


Today we made a worm farm.  The children have been absolutely driven to find worms this summer.  They turn stuff over . They dig.  Knowing this I thought it might be a good idea to so a worm study. It goes along with our creepy crawlie unit.   We also watched videos of ways to get worms to surface.  Did you know if you pour water with dishwashing detergent on the ground that worms will literally jump out of the ground.  ( If you find out this is not true, please just let me continue believing it.  It amuses me in much the same way unicorns do.  We may even TRY THIS TOMORROW!  🙂



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