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Schools Back For Summer !

Published on June 1, 2015 under Uncategorized

Summer Days are some of my favorite .  There aren’t as many munchkins running around and our schedule is a little more flexible.  Today is our first day back and I would like to say… it went perfect.





















Our NORMAL summer schedule will be :

Arrival outside and play .   Breakfast outside and play some more.


My plan is to get the outside play time in before it gets too hot.   ( If it ever gets hot. )   We will come inside around 1015 and work on small projects , learning activities and play in our inside centers.


Today we made a sunshine craft to celebrate our first day and decorate our room since we had taken all the art work down,


Lunch will be around 12:00  . Nap around 1230 .


We planned our summer fun today. I already had a loose draft.

Mondays are ” Make something Monday.”

We will do a special craft !

Tuesdays are ” Take a trip Tuesday.”

This is the day we will take a TRIP to the Southside Park and play and have a picnic.  We usually carry the wagon and take our personal water bottles ( They picked them out today.) and a lunch.  We are usually there from 9 – 1130.  That park is just more safe when there is one caregiver.  Usually my kids are the only ones there and a HUGE bonus is the shade.


But have no fear.. we are equipped to handle the sunshine.


Wednesdays are ” Wet and Wild Wednesdays ”

This day we will have water play.   Sometimes we use a spinkler other times it may be water balloons.   If your child has an extra swimsuit you can bring one and leave it here.


Thursdays are ” Thinking Thursdays ”

Thinking Thursdays are days we will try to extend what we are talking about.  For instance this Thursday we will make an ant farm.  ( Or maybe a worm farm… )   Another thing I have scheduled is a bee keeper coming to talk to us about bees.


Fridays are ” Field Trip Fridays”

This Friday we will go to creative corner and make a project for fathers day.  Other field trips are the library, city park and city hall.


You can see how important it is for your child to wear good shoes to school – preferably tennis shoes.  We will be doing a LOT of walking.


We took last years Summer Bucket list and added a few things to it.  Summer should be about making memories.  Some of the fun things we will do is have a no nap day, barefoot day, order pizza and feed the ducks.  There are tons of things on the list and we plan to start knocking them off right away.


Yes, today was a good day  We played hard. As I type 8 little ones are sound asleep .

Bring on tomorrow.


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