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Getting Creative

Published on June 5, 2015 under Uncategorized

Today before we left for our planned field trip to Creative Corner to make Dad’s Day presents we were excited to see a dump truck and a front end loader working in front of the house.   We intently watched the workers as they filled the holes near the new sidewalk.  ( Later on the way home we saw the city workers on another street and the men enthusiastically waved and talked to the kids.  Even Gabriel who said ” Hey Bro !”  🙂

Later in the morning we left and walked to Creative Corner. Of course, we took the trail so we wouldnt be near the traffic as much.   ( We have such a pretty town to explore .)


We listened to music at  the KLRC station by pushing the button outside the door.

At Creative Corner we worked hard to make the cutest little picture frames for our dads or other special men in our life. ( Moms they are in pink plastic bags if you want to snag and save until Fathers Day. )  The kids enjoyed picking out their own paper  and creating the special backdrop for the picture that Ms. Julie took.



On the way home another shopkeeper from Lendawgs Junk and Treasures met us on the sidewalk and let the kids pick out a match box car from a tub. The kids were so excited ! What a wonderful gesture of kindness from our downtown merchant !


It was a good day to be a kid living in Siloam Springs and going to Bright Beginnings .



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