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First Day 2015/2016

Published on August 19, 2015 under Uncategorized

What a wonderful and amazing first day we had today.   There were no tears at drop off today.  We had no fights.  We had no blood.  ( Well, Clara almost bled because she hit her chin on something. )  We shared . We painted. We read.  We explored.  We laughed.  We sang.  We washed hands.  We built. We rode.  We did many things.  But most of all, we loved.  It was nice to get to know the littles .   I enjoyed watching my older preschoolers that are returning come in to see the new things we have added  . You would see them look and then slowly a smile would spread across their face and they would announce ” that is new!”  The newer children would move excitedly from one play area  to another not quite sure what to make of all the materials we have for them to enjoy.

Today was mainly spent getting to know each other a little more.  We did circle time. We did family time too !The transition from home to school can be difficult for students (and teachers). School Family songs/chants help calm and unify the class, preparing all members for a day of  learning.  During family time we do a song called ” This is my school family. ” We shake hands  and hug and give high fives. This is a time that we connect with each other.  Who cant use an extra hug ?  We do the wish you well board.The Wish Well Board provides a visual way to aid children in wishing each other well.  The wish you well board in our classroom is the tin circle the kids take their names off of in the morning.  During this time who ever is absent ( their name would be left on the board ) we wish them well.  Today everyone was here so we wished moms and dads well. I hope you felt it!   We do the pledge of allegiance.  Because well… patriotism is important !  We live in a great land.  We do an ” I love you.” ritual as well.

” Behavior  is governed by relationships and connectedness-not rules, rewards or punishments.  It is connection “on the outside” with others which builds neural connections “on the inside” of the brain.  That connection must be specific.  It must involve eye contact, touch and presence.  Presence means we are “in the moment” with our child.  It means letting go of all other thoughts or “to-do lists” in our heads and just allowing ourselves to “be” with our child. “When we are present, wisdom comes out of our mouth and kids respond.”

“I Love You Rituals” are activities for adults to do with children and are designed to integrate the entire brain.  Our caring touch and loving attention authentically exhibits unconditional acceptance and love for a child.  ”


We use the I love you rituals child to child !  Today we used ” Twinkle Twinkle LIttle Star. What a special friend you are.  The way you smile and shake my hand. Youre the best friend in all the land.  ”

The rain stopped so we were able to play outside for a while. The kids loved it.   We loved it.

It was a good day.

Today one of the new Northwest Arkansas Cooperative  teachers stopped by to introduce herself.  As she left she said ” I just love this place… Its so … magical. ”


Yes, it is.


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