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Published on March 30, 2015 under Uncategorized

Today has been a good but a hectic day.


Dial threes—– assessment time.  I assess the kiddos at the beginning of the year and at the end of the year to gauge progress. We are only REQUIRED to do one assessment at the beginning to make sure special services are involved if needed.   I did 5 assessments today and it is exciting to see the growth  !  (  You see I am on my phone.  We record all this information in Evernote so it is easily accessed.  I also went back to see each child’s original score. )





















While I was doing assessments , the day went on as planned.

Today we  started out unit on Easter.  Though I can not teach religious stories I trust that you are doing that at home.  If you need a little  guidance here is a perfect video that tells the story on a preschoolers level !




Carrying on –


Dying eggs is fun but sometimes extremely messy and sometimes challenging with this many littles.   There have been times I thought I might skip this activity  all together.  Last week one of my formers posted a video to me and what did he remember ?  Dying Eggs ! “ We got to dye our own eggs !”  Well, then.  Today, we dyed eggs.  J


We also read a book called Runaway bunny.

Runaway Bunny is a rhythmic, sweet exchange between a mother bunny and her little bunny. The little bunny, who wants to run away, imagines taking other forms, such as a fish in a trout stream, a crocus in a hidden garden, a rock on a mountaintop. His mother assures him that wherever he goes, she will find a way to be with him: as a fisherman, a gardener, a rockclimber.  Isnt a mothers love precious. We would do anything for our precious babies .


To extend this game in small group we played a game called “ hide the Bunny .” I took easter eggs and wrote numbers on them .  I would hide a bunny under an egg and the child would guess which numbered egg the bunny was hiding under.


We also read a book about real rabbits.  Its important for littles to be able to distinguish the real from the imaginary story creatures they read about.   So we charted the difference between an “ easter bunny “ and a “ real bunny.”


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