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Counting Carrots

Published on March 31, 2015 under Uncategorized

Ahh….. back in my happy spot.  I know you guys see me whine sometimes about how busy I am.  If I knew WHAT I could cut out of my schedule I would but I honestly dont know where to start.  Most everything I do is job related.  Whether I am speaking or standing up for little guys and their rights in early education or training others or being trained myself. I LOVE  LOVE LOVE what I do.  It is all worthy and each day I assume that I have world changers in my care and it is my job to prepare them for life.  But sometimes, the things that fill my cup and drain me ( Is that possible ) is the work with the ones that are not so little.  I left after work yesterday to run a few errands and high tailed it to Springdale to lead a training for providers on the new regulations.


These folks are my friends but sometimes it is so tough.  Its hard to stand in front of friends and say ” Rules are rules.. have integrity and do them all the time , even when … especially when… no one is watching.”  Its hard to explain how to advocate for yourself.   Any way.. I got home at 10 pm.     Other thoughts along the way were  that rumor has it the new ABC coordinator is in town and might stop by .  Oh.. and planning Arkansas Children’ Week.  And… And… And…..     So, my perfect and preferred place is right here doing what I love.


For small group today ( while I continued assessments ) the kids played a math game with carrots . They would roll the dice and pull that many carrots from the garden. There were also numerals written on the carrots to review.

We did a little science today too.  What will happen to a PEEP if you put it in the microwave ?




We will be having PEEP smores for snack !




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