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Happy Friday

Published on March 20, 2015 under Uncategorized

Today has been a wonderful  and relaxing day.  We had five children out today and that gave us a little more time just to  sit and play and listen .  You know its a good day when you find yourself in the middle of a playroom floor at 10 am with 4 littles scattered around you asking you to read a book or watching them play a game that was initiated and made up by  the group – not the teacher .  When that happens the teacher just sits back and smiles and know she has done a great job facilitating thinkers and leaders to grow.

The kids were very excited to see that our water color experiment DID work.  The blue and yellow water pulled up the papertowel. It collected in the middle to create green.



Dallas , Randy and I went to a workshop last night and got excited about block play .   I moved some things around today to try to make more room for constructing.  Its not as easy as it sounds.  It has to be in an area free of traffic ( somewhat . ) It needs to be where there is plenty room yet easily visible by a teacher.   There are so many factors that have to be taken into consideration before just plopping something down in a new spot . We will also be toying with some new props and parts that will hopefully entice the girls out of dramatic play and into the blocks are .   Even movnig things around today got some of them interested.



Some of us walked to our house ( thats what the kids call it ) to see how much progress has been made.



We also enjoyed looking for signs of spring.  We picked pieces of lavender  from the area at  our gate.  Many of the kids said ” Oils ! ”  Familiar.







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