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Published on January 15, 2015 under Uncategorized

Well, since none of the parents are my age , I doubt they find the humor in my blog title.  🙂

Today we talked about ways to travel in the air.  We discussed whether any of us have flied and where we were headed .  My flights to Australia last year were 24 hours.  Thats a long time to be in the air.  Riding in an airplane can be an exciting but scary thing too !

Our talk page today was this picture.  To give you an example of how to develop language and get preschoolers to ” think” here are some questions I asked.



What is the little girl doing ?

What is the toy plane made of ?

Where do you think the real plane is going ?

Where is the little girl ?

What time of year is it ?

How do you know ?

These are just a few of the questions you could ask about this picture.  The idea is to ask questions that the answer requires more than a yes or no answer.  ( open ended questions )

We had a different sensory bin open today.





















Outside with Ms Dallas the kids played a gross motor game too !

Inside we made paper airplanes and even watched a you tube to learn how to do it better. It was a little complicated so we went off on our own but maybe at home you can make this one !










































We made a landing strip or runway in the playroom and there was a lot of taking off on there.





















We made an emergent reader that focused on position words like above, below, behind  and beside.



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