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Chugga Chugga Choo Choo

Published on January 16, 2015 under Uncategorized

Little Red Caboose , Cha cha Cha

Little Red Caboose, Cha cha Cha


Today our big idea was ” We can travel on a train. ”  All morning we anxiously waited the time for us to leave for our walk to the train tracks.  Our preschool had made this trek to the tracks before.


Before leaving we did a little art project making a rail road crossing sign.   On the railroad sign we saw and X and two R’s.


Ms. Dallas played a game with each child .  They looked at train tracks and figured out which was was longest and which one was shortest.


We also had a special family time saying good bye to Lilly.  Lilly and her mom are moving to Missouri. Today was Lilly’s last day with us at school.  We wished her well.


On our walk we saw and heard many things.  We did the usual teaching how to cross safely at corners.  We heard fore trucks and we saw a police car going very fast with his lights on.   We saw a couple HUGE trucks and one even blew his horn for us.  We saw dogs. We read numbers on the houses and mailboxes. We saw where our city will be building the new library.  We noticed our shadows as we walked.


And then we heard the train !!























We moved a little faster so we wouldnt miss the train. We sat down and watched the train pass.  It stopped. I wonder why .  We read a train book.  We waited.  All of a sudden we heard another train zooming down the track. He was going so fast.  The engine was red and yellow ! We were so excited . We waved and smiled.

What a wonderful day.   ( As a preschool teacher days like this are highlights ! I cant plan a train to stop by so luck would have it that one passes by right when we needed it.  Yay… for good day.  )



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