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We Can Travel In a Recreational Vehicle – RV

Published on January 14, 2015 under Uncategorized

Last night Canyon’s parents brought their RV by and left it so it would be here for us to ” tour ” today.  The kids were simply amazed that something that had wheels had a stove, a potty and shower and a bunk bed. Canyon sleeps in the top. He was gracious enough to let the kids climb in the bunk to try it out.  William said ”  This is cool.”  They did want to know where the TV was.  🙂























































Of course after touring an RV the only natural thing to do is eat smores warm and toasty off the fire . ( AKA Microwave. )






































The kids loved the warm yummy gooey mess. ( Their clothes… not so much. )

During small groups today we played ” wanna ride ?” It was a math game.  Most of the kids got to play and we will finish up with the rest tomorrow.  It had the numerals 1-6 and the child would have to count how many animals were on the bus and chose the right number. I am SUPER happy to say that the children I played the game with got all of them ! So , they not only knew how to correctly count up to 6 object but they could find the matching number.  YAY~




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