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Here Kitty Kitty

Published on January 21, 2015 under Uncategorized

There are many kinds of cats . Would they all make good pets ?

What about a lion ?

What about a tiger ?

What do cats eat ?

The kids helped make their own lunch today.  They mixed up tuna salad .  Most of them ate it and enjoyed it !

In small group we looked at a picture of some pets in dog houses and beds and talked about the position words in and out.























We also played a game with a little  puppet kitten who lost his mitten .  This game took us basically through a color assessment.  I was excited ( but not surprised ) to find out that most of the children knew every color in the game.  Only three children stumbled on the color gray .






















Speaking of gray… I put a picture of a dalmation near the easel in hopes of seeing someone paint one.  I didnt see a dalmation all day but I did see some color mixing.  What two colors make gray ?  Black and white !






















I can’y say enough how much better our year is going now.   I am able to slow down and really enjoy the kids and the little things they do and say.  Here’s two from today.

Child:  Why is the step moved ?

Me : I moved it when I mopped last night.

Child:  Did you hit your head ?

Me : No.. why ?

Child: When you crawled under there to mop.



And then a child crawls up beside me and whispers in my ear.

Ms. Debbie, you are sweet .

Yeah…..  Its a pretty good job.


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