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Dogs and Cats

Published on January 23, 2015 under Uncategorized

All this week we have introduced pets but mainly focused on dogs and cats since that is what most of us have .  Today we recapped our week and talked about our trips to the Pink Poodle and the animal shelter.


We read a book about a kitten and his special job.  One of the BIG things we do are pre-reading activities that will make us strong readers.  This book was about a kitten who lived on a farm and everyone had a job but him. The rooster told the kitten he needed a job so he started a job search.   He tried being a rooster but he couldn’t cocka doodle do… only meow . He tried guarding the house like the dog but he got scared at night when he saw a shadow.  ( It was really the pig.)  He tried to lay eggs like a hen but some morning there were no eggs.  Finally, he ran into grandfather mouse and learned that he really already had a job.  He kept the mice out of the famers grain.     When reading a book you can help your child by doing these simple things.

1.  Before reading the book show them the front of the book ( the picture if there is one ) and ask ” what do you think this book is about ? ”  Being able to look for clues in pictures when you are just beginning to read is important.

2.  Use your finger to run along the words you read from left to right .  So that becomes a natural progression for them.

3.  Before turning a page ask questions like  ” what do you think will happen next ?”

4.  When you have read the whole book ask your child to ” read ” it back to you.  Ask them questions to check for comprehension .  Was the kitten able to lay eggs ? Why not ?  Who woke up everyone in the book ? Who guarded the house at night ?

Our new friend Clara came by to visit us today.  I think she will fit in nicely.  Clara is in my Sunday School class at church so we are already used to each other.  I am excited about her starting preschool on Monday.



A fun game we played outside today was FETCH ! Yes, like puppies  !  🙂























As I type this I am sad. I was going to allow the kids to eat like puppies today. BUMMER. Maybe you can do that for supper tonight. 🙂

Next week we will explore more pets like fish and birds !


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