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Here Fishy Fishy

Published on January 26, 2015 under Uncategorized

Clara joined us today !  Clara is taking Lilly’s spot and I think will fit in quite nicely !   Violet automatically decided they were going to be buddies and as I looked around the room I saw Violet taking her to each place explaining what we do there. She even trained her on how to wash hands.   We also did a celebration in family time welcoming Clara into our preschool family.


We added a beta fish to our home today.  We talked about names and decided to vote between three names.  We voted on Blue , Rainbow and Lilly ( in honor of our friend that left. )  The most votes went to Rainbow.  Rainbow lives in a vase with a plant and eats the roots.  We never have to feed him.   The last beta fish we had a little girl reached in and pulled his fins off. It was quite traumatic for everyone. Fingers crossed this fish survives !



In our sensory tub today we have real tiny goldfish.  The kids ( one at a time ) can stick their hands in and let the fish swim around them.  Of course, the kids loved doing this.


In small groups we played an aquarium game.  There was a dice to roll. The child counted how many dots were on the dice and put that many plastic fish in the bowl.  After playing two rounds we counted all the fish.


We also did a goldfish craft today.



One of the kids favorite table games today was made with a carnival cruise ship cup.  I cut straws and the kids used their pencil grip to push the straws into the hole in the lid.


In circle time we read ” The Bravest Fish” and made a chart that listed the things we know about fish.  F starts with F. They eat fish food. They can breathe under the water.  Fish can swim.




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