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Published on December 11, 2014 under Uncategorized

Today was a little more hectic again but we survived !


We had a visitor that came to observe this morning .She is a certified teacher that works at Friendship here in town.  She is working on her masters and just needed to observe some DAP interactions.





















We also worked on another keep sake ornament today.  It is one of our favorites every year.
























We played with red and white beads and made candy canes. The idea was to do a pattern but with the distractions of the day … we decided out main goal would be fine motor practice ! 🙂  ( Roll with me here — making lemonaide from lemons. )























I  just wanted to give you a heads up that we are still using conscious discipline and whole heartedly believe that it works but……   for some of the children we have started using time out again.  No, that is not conscious discipline but for some we are seeing a lack of respect, hurting others and just plain not obeying.  We are half a year in and we should have some of these behaviors modified by now.  Yes, we still love them.  No, we are not being mean or yelling .  If they hit someone we  are still using the verbage for conscious discipline and teaching the correct social response  but then they are sitting or being redirected to a center closest to a teacher so they can be more closely supervised.  If they roll in the floor and scream and kick we are acknowledging that they are upset but then letting them have their fit.  If the fit is just to get their way… they are going to time out.  ( There’s a difference between losing emotional control and trying to control emotionally. )  I guess you would say we have reached our breaking point.  A child can not tell a teacher ” No, I will not do it. ”  If we allow it here and then the child goes  to kindergarten thinking it is ok, we are doing the child a grave disservice.  So, if your child says they went to time out, it is possibly true . No, it’s not  my teaching philosophy  and honestly being stern breaks my heart but it would also break my heart to help raise preschoolers that have no foundation of respect for authority.


I like to be honest with my parents and since this is not the discipline model you were told I use I want to make sure that you are aware of the change and why.   I know we will get through this year , but I want to do more than just get through.  I want to see the children grow and flourish into responsible students ready to enter a school system that will have many more demands on them – one of which ( and probably most important ) is listening and obeying.


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