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Christmas is Almost Here

Published on December 15, 2014 under Uncategorized

Today we took out our Christmas box.  In that box were some pretty cool things to do .

There is a little village ( yes, it is breakable ) to play pretend with. It even has a miniature tree and tiny people.



There is an old mold ( I think from Christmas candies ) that we used buttons and our fine motor skills to practice one to one correspondence .



There are tiny presents to sort and count.  At one point in the morning Chapman asked me to come over. He has sorted them and placed them in a graphing formation and telling me how many each row had and which was more and less.























There are new puppets to play with. Some of the boys had a whole show going on with them !






















A small tree is in one of the playrooms for the children to decorate over and over again.










































For small group today we played a game with Christmas trees.  Each child worked on putting the number of Christmas balls on the corresponding tree.






















For a Monday, today was excellent !


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