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Lets Celebrate

Published on December 10, 2014 under Uncategorized

One of the components of Conscious Discipline that we have not initiated yet was the celebration ritual.  Celebration rituals are exactly what it implies.  It gives our school family a way to celebrate accomplishments and special life events . Today, since it was the first time we have used it we celebrated something special about everyone.  That is part of our conscious discipline life style as well.  At any given time you can look around you and see good, but you have to be looking for it.  During celebration time ( which will not be done every day ) we have a wonderful chair that was painted by a mom last year.  We have horns and clackers and the child being celebrated sits in the middle of our school family in the special chair.


We made another ornament today !


Many times  exploring outside  gives opportunities for real science activities.  During outside play today the kids found ice ! How did it get there ? What happened when Ms Dallas held it in her hand for a while ? Was there ice on the dirt ? Was there ice on the leaves ? Why not ?




































Journalling helps !  This side by side is one month apart.



Stir enjoying the Santas workshop !






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