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Published on October 23, 2014 under Uncategorized

Today we talked  about Super Heroes having responsibility.   What is responsibility to a preschooler ?  It looks like cleaning up our toys when we are through playing.  It means looking after our friends that might get hurt.  It means if we break something we clean it up.  For preschoolers responsibility is very simple.  It is letting them take care of things that they can.  We had a visitor in today observing so we  just played in our centers so she could get a good feel of what we do each day.

We also used technology to connect with two of our friends that were not here today.  Canyon’s mom send a picture to use of him at the dentist.  We sent him back a video singing ” We wish you well. ”  That gave us an opportunity to talk about what a dentist does and how Canyon might feel.


We also got a video from Logan who is on his way to see his grandfather and go to Disney World ! We sent him a video also.  It is fun for us to learn how technology affects our lives.


Tomorrow is the day we have been working for all week. We have learned many of the traits of super heroes. Not one time has our material told us they fight ! It has always been to save.  Tomorrow we will take out the super hero costumes so we can begin role play in a safe way.  Up Up and Away !


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