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R – E – S – P – E – C – T

Published on October 22, 2014 under Uncategorized

Today in super hero land we talked about the trait of being respectful. While looking at a picture of Superwoman we talked about :

She uses her super eyes and her super ears to look and listen when someone is talking. That is respectful.

She uses her super mouth to wait her time to speak . That is respectful.  ( At school all the children practice waiting to speak to a teacher in a certain way. I encourage you to use this at home. I mean, if it works here, it will work at home also.  If you are talking to someone else and your child needs you –  they have been taught to put their hand on the adults waist.   We then cover their hand with ours to let them know we see they need us  and when we are finished we immediately turn and say ” You did it. You waited patiently.  You needed to tell me something ?”  It works. Try it.  That is teaching respect. )

She uses her super hands to keep on herself.  That is respectful.  She uses her hands to take care of her things and others things. that is respectful.

She uses her super heart to think about how others are feeling.   We will treat others the way we want to be treated.  That is respectful.

She uses her whole body to  give her friends space.  Getting in someone’s face or too close to them makes some people anxious or uncomfortable. We will respect others space.

Respect is hard to explain to kiddos since it isnt a ” thing” it is an attitude or a way of thinking.  Respect looks  a lot different than it looked when I was a child.  I was raised in the south where I said ” yes, mam and no sir.” I said ” please , thank you,  and excuse me. ”  Are our ideals so different today ?   At school we do not force the kids to say yes mam and no sir.  If it isnt stressed at home it is hard to bridge that gap.

Yesterday a friend from highschool who is an 11th grade teacher in the delta posted a conversation she had with one of her students about plagiarism.   He called her a B.  The disrespect allowed in school is out of control.  Can I challenge you to help instill a sense of respect in your child for figures in authority ?  We cant wait until they are in middle school. It starts now in preschool.  Sometimes we laugh when a child does or says something disrespectful and at 4 think  it is cute.  Its not.  Lets teach them now what respect is so we dont have to regret it when they are in the 11th grade.

Off soapbox.

In small groups we did an math sorting game. We sorted small , medium and large super heroes.  Most of them could do this easily. Learning the language of comparison words is also important.


It was another really good day.


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