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You are my Sunshine

Published on April 11, 2014 under Things in the Sky

Today we rounded out our ” Things in the Sky ” unit with thinking about the sun.  When we did our ” what do you know ” time these are some things they children offered .

1.  It is really bright and yellow.

2. It is a big star.

3. The sun causes evaporation.  ( WOOT ! They are retaining ! )

4.  Sometimes the sun hides behind the clouds.



They came up with 10 things.  After we listed them one of the little girls said ” How many did we have ?”  Most days I number them. Today I didnt.  But yay!!  That means they are interested in numbers and understanding the value of numbers.  Another little girl said ” which one is mine ?” as she looked at our list.  YAY  #2  They are understanding the print has meaning !  There are little things like this all day that encourage me as a teacher that our style of teaching , our philosophy works !

This morning we used yellow paint and our hands to make a sun painting.























We also had a drop in licensing visit .  They are ALL unscheduled so having them find we are doing good things is wonderful. If you follow regs and best practice every day these visits become easier and easier.

Have a great weekend.


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