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Published on April 10, 2014 under Things in the Sky



Today we talked about rainbows. We talked about the colors of the rainbow. I was able to engage prior knowledge from elementary school. ( Yes mine !  ROY G BIV  Do you guys remember that ?


We did color resist paintings . We colored white on white and then watercolored over the top to make our drawing magically appear .









































We did another magical trick ( science  experience but they like it when we call it magic ! )  with milk, food coloring and dawn dish washing soap.
































































We are trying to spend more time outside since the weather is getting nicer.  This is really a more challenging time of year for me  than the beginning of the year.  The kiddos start to challenge our ideas and rules a little more as they grow more independent. Though we can appreciate and understand why it is happening it makes for some challenging days.  Conscious Discipline has really been used A LOT in our classroom this week as spring fever hits and a quiet chaos begins to erupt .  This is all part of the growing process.  The unusual part this year is there are 13 children that  are at the same stage at the same time.  It can be exhausting.  With that said.. more adults in the rooms interacting would be awesome.  Can you find a day a week that you can come play ?




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