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Grow Flower Grow

Published on April 25, 2014 under Uncategorized

We were slim pickins’ today at preschool. Several of our friends were out today registering for kindergarten .

We kept on our normal schedule .  Kiddos LOVE routine.

We played a card game with flower cards .  We put them in numerical order.





















We compared ourselves to a GIANT flower on the floor and talked about whether we were smaller or larger than the flower. We talked about which was largest and which was smaller.  Do flowers REALLY grow that large ?










































Aiden is still loving playing with the spring themed erasers. He sorts them and turns them into his army.  He calls each different eraser a ” team.”




We looked at our marigolds that are GROWING !!!




Remember the gummy worms in water experiment yesterday ? We took them out of the water today to see if our predictions were right ? They had changed color . They were larger. They were slimy and soft.




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