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On the Pond

Published on April 28, 2014 under Uncategorized

Today we started talking and thinking about things we see on the pond.  The list we have so far is ducks, fish, catfish, frogs and turtles.  If you think about it for a second, it is hard to understand why all fish arent in all water.  Like, why is a shark not in a pond. To kids, water is water.

We started our day by watching an 8 minute video clip of ” The Ugly Duckling.” We had decided that ducks live on ponds so we explored a little more . In this story we found that there was an extraordinary ” duck ” born and many of it’s brothers and sisters made fun of him.  Even his mom wasnt always nice to him and left him out.  We talked about ” is it nice to call someone ugly ?” and ” if you saw someone that looks’ different ” what could you say to him ?” Teaching children ” social graces” at an early age can be so beneficial to them . To us….    to the world.  Wouldnt it be nice it everyone kept hateful comments to themselves and name calling didnt exist ?

After the video clip the kids joined Ms Dallas at the table to made a swan craft.



There were new table toys out today.  Frogs to sort and fish to count . There was a new sensory bin with blue aquarium gravel and pond creatures in it to play with .


Mrs. Macken the Northside counselor emailed to day and asked if she could come  with Brandy Fox ( the vice principal of the kindergarten ) to read the kids a book and talk to them . This is being done to help ease the transition from preschool to kindergarten.  KUDOS to people that love our kids enough to go the extra step.



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