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Inch by Inch

Published on April 24, 2014 under Uncategorized

Inch by Inch

Row by Row


Today’s activities were based on a book that was written from a song called  ” Inch by Inch.”




























































The kids took playdough and rolled inch worms and them measured them with Ms Gabby.


Another activity today scientific !  Before leaving town for Randy’s dcotors appointment I picked up some gummy worms.   As we speak they are soaking in bowls of water on the table.  Tomorrow we will take them out and compare them to what they looked like before they were placed in the water. I noticed on the chalkboard that Dallas had the kids made predictions about what they would feel like and used tally marks .  Science, cognitive skills and math ! WOOT !

And of course, it was a rainy day so the rainy day box was taken out . The kids LOVE the rainy day toys.  The only time we take them out is…. on rainy days so they stay pretty new and exciting. The idea is that they provide atleast 9 gross motor activities for the hour we would normally be outside.


I really do appreciate and have so much gratitude for Dallas and all the mommies that help out when we need to be gone.  I got home tonight at 845.  It is nice to know when I am gone that the kids are loved, challenged and taught and that I have no reason to worry.


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