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Parking Garage

Published on February 27, 2014 under transportation

Our main fun activity for small groups today was a parking garage activity .  I drew a road on butcher paper and had several little outlets coming off the main road. Four children at a time came to the table to chose a car and drive.  First I would tell them which garage to drive to and park.  Later in the activity I let them chose a garage and tell me what the letter and the number on their garage was.  The kids really enjoy this type of learning.


There were also new toys out on the table.  The game Channing is playing with was a bus. The child chose a number and then she  had to put that many passengers in the bus.




Ms Dallas was gone today

( She doesnt know i have spies… )



so Mrs Gabby came to play.  I think she spent a lot of time reading. The children would just flock to her with books.  As she read she would teach them spanish words.





In circle time today we did our normal music for transportation like ” Row Row Row Your Boat” and ” Im Ready to Fly ” and then we talked about transportation in Siloam Springs. How do we ” go” in  SIloam Springs, Arkansas ? The kids came up with 11 different modes of transportation and of course we had to include horse since Alina was picked up via India the horse one day.  We also looked at a picture a friend sent us via FB of her dad and taking her aunt to school on a buggy pulled by a horse . How would you like to be taken to school on a horse every day ? Why didnt they drive  a car ? So much good conversation.  Of course we wrote it all down.  It is important for kids to see us write . it helps them realize that print has meaning.



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