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Wheels and Patterning

Published on February 28, 2014 under transportation

We spend  a LOT of time doing fun things that promote literacy.  That is just who we are.  We read and tell stories all the time.  We also count a lot – we count when we wash our hands, we count when we go in or out the gate,  we count many times a day.  To make sure the kids have their pre-math skills we have to be a little more intentional . Todays small group was a math game with wheels.  Each child had a laminated card that had trucks on it with a number written below. They had to put the correct number of wheels ( black dyed macaroni wheels ) in the space.










































Another activity we did was patterning.  These kiddos ROCK at patterning. I am not talking just the simple ABABAB pattern I am talking complicated patterns like ABBCAABBCA  . They loved this and kept asking to do more.  I loved watching them as we looked at the chart.  It was like you could see their little brains working .




In circle time we read books . We even read an old teacher made book that had Bianca, Fernando’s big sister in it. She came here when she was 3 and 4. Now Bianca is in the 3rd grade.   We also charted ” When I grow up I will drive a… ” We got some really fun answers like helicopters, moms car, and a bus!


Ty and Harelly made up a game with a colored VW BUG game that I have .  The idea was to match the colors but they turned it into a GO FISH type game.  I love this for so many reasons.




A large part of the kids morning was spent talking about a make believe birthday party. Sometimes we discourage that talk because inevitably someone gets left out.  We’ve all heard ” You cant come to my birthday party.” But today was different.  The kids were excited moving from room to room planning and making invitations.  Even I got invited !






















Next week will be a busy but a fun week. I can wait !


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