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Published on February 26, 2014 under transportation

Today in small groups we talked about the little signs that hang on the back of cars that tell us who they belong to . Yes ! License plates.  We played a matching game with license plates.  Reading license plates is a good way to practice number and letter recognition.






















If I was afraid of losing anything i think it would be my imagination.  Have you ever really stopped and listened to a child and all the wonderful tales they weave.  As we get older we sometimes forget what that is like.  Today we used our imaginations to go on a bus ride.  We talked about what we saw as we road and where we were going . We made a book and the kids illustrated the pages.






















We practiced a little scissor cutting today so I could assess how far we have come.























In circle time we are singing a song that has the phrase  ” put your left arm our and then your right…..  ”  Some of the children already know which is their left and which is their right side.  I showed them the old trick of putting your hands in front of you with your thumb and your pointer finger up. The side that makes an L… is your left.   Most of them were able to tell me after that by looking.  Ask them again when they get home. See if they remember.


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