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Happy Birthday Dr. Suess

Published on March 5, 2014 under Dr. Suess

Can you believe we were out of school for snow AGAIN ?  As a chlid in southern Arkansas I remember one time for sure that I remember it snowing. Maybe I remember it because it was Christmas and my parents were at a work party and my brother and I had a babysitter named Mary.  Mary was an African American lady that my dad knew from work. She was so much fun. She let us run outside in our pajamas in the snow.  My parents had one of those large stereos that played records . You guys arent too young to know what a record is, right ? She played ” Frosty the Snowman ” and we danced in the driveway catching snowflakes on our tongue.  Life was good.


Enough talk about  the past let’s see what Wackiness we got into today.  It was WACKY WEDNESDAY and the kids ( and the adults )  dressed wacky.  Bentley had socks pinned on his hat ! If that isnt wacky, I dont know what is.  There were a lot of other fun things going on.























We read Wacky Wednesday to start off our day during breakfast .


For small groups today we read ” Wocket in my Pocket” and then we all made creatures from playdoh.   The kids spent a lot of time at the table working . It kept their interest for a long time.
























During circle time today we watched an awesome video of ” Ten Apples Up on Top” Love Love the music in this.

Then we practiced holding apples up top of our head.

























We have a drinking fountain in our room.  Sometimes it gets empty but even then the kids are allowed to get cups and get a drink from the sink .  Over the break a friend of mine that has an FCCH stated that her kiddos take a ” water break.” I inquired what she meant by ” water break” and she explained. At some point during the day all of the kids gather and drink a glass of water.  I thought that was an excellent idea.  We tried it today.  I do have some things I need to check on to make sure it remains a good idea for us, but I liked it. Some kids never get a drink of water during the day and I would like to encourage that healthy habit . The details to work out are things that would affect our environmental ratings review.  For instance, if they all sit at one time to drink the water, does that count time from my substantial portion of the day for free play which is supposed to total two hours and twenty minutes ?  Also, would we need to wash hands before drinking the water ?  I know.. sounds crazy but welcome to all the little things that go on in my head to make sure we provide a quality environment for your little ones.  And.. you thought I just took a few things out of a box to teach and played all day, right ? 🙂
























If you wonder just how wacky our day was…..  At some point I lost my glasses (  the read ones… ) and asked Ms Dallas to be on the look out for them.  She found them . She found them IN THE DISHWATER IN THE SINK.  Now, that is pretty wacky.  ( I would like to say I did that on purpose to entertain Ms Dallas but the truth is.. I have no idea how they go in there. )


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