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Pumpkin Pie

Published on November 21, 2013 under cooking with kids

The weather is dreary outside today. We did get a little outside time in this morning before the rain hit us but not much.

In circle time we talked about the Mayflower again and the people on it.  We talked about the storm that hit and how the water probably got in the boat as it sloshed over the edges.  Then we did a sink / float activity. We put a few things in the water and discussed whether we thought they would sink or float.  Last was one of our cereal bowls.  Some of the kids thought it would sink because it was the largest item we were testing.  It didnt.  I explained to them that the bowl is much like a boat – like the Mayflower.  We sloshed it around in the water tub back and forth and water went in the bowl.  Guess what happened ?


Do you remember i told you we have been asked to do a cooking experience video for a training ? We do cooking once a week but we usually do it upstairs at the island which is more isolated and without distraction. For the training video’s many of the teachers cannot leave their classroom for a different space so our video’s need to be in the large group room.  Challenging….  Anyway, thats my problem the teacher and not the kids .  But it did make me a tad cranky when it was all said and done.  The kids made Pumpkin Pie in a Cup  !


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