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Turkeys here. Turkeys there.

Published on November 25, 2013 under Thanksgiving

Today we made a special Thanksgiving craft.  Not art… there was no individualism involved here but it will be a keepsake. They are drying and I will send them home on Wednesday.






















We worked on our table centerpieces for the Thanksgiving Feast on Wednesday.










































We celebrated Harelly’s birthday today. She turned 5 on Sunday. We had the traditional ( as of this year ) pancakes with sprinkles at breakfast and we got to use our celebration chair that Mari ( Vivian and Valeri’s mom painted for us ) for the first time !
























We talked  about the word ” thankful ” and what that means and read books that helped us think of things we are thankful for.

Our lunch was themed today  – a turkey of course !






















We did go outside today…and brr… it was cold but the kids didnt seem to mind.




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