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Is it an Indian or a Puppy Dog ?

Published on November 20, 2013 under Thanksgiving

Today we practiced cutting by making snippets on the side of a construction paper to make feathers.  Harelly said ” My hands are tired! ”  It is hard to cut a lot of little snips of your fingers arent used to it.






































And of course so it isnt wasted we made Indian headdresses out of it.  ( Native American if you are trying to be politically correct . My great grandmother was full blooded Cherokee Indian.  I was  never told she was Native American. )   Back to the headdresses…. The feathers were a little long and when they glued them on they werent straight and didnt stand up. But … kids learn very little from a piece of art that I complete.  Its the process that is important , not the product.  Besides I think Carter makes a cute Indian / puppy dog.


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