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The Goblins Are Early

Published on October 29, 2013 under Halloween

Sometimes…  rarely.. but sometimes we have a really ” off” day.

That was today.

It is ok.  We cant expect magical days everyday.

But… wow, I need a nap, a tylenol or a cookie.

We made puppy chow today. The kids love it. They helped mix the ingredients and shake the powder sugar in a baggie to make individual treats.

We had new things on the table for sorting, counting, and molding.  We even had two real pumpkins. One we used as a geo board and the other we used dry erase markers on.

We read the stories  ” Spookly the Square Pumpkin ” and ”  The Little Old Lady Who Wasnt Afraid of Anything.”

We even watched a short scholastic video of my FAVORITE childhood story – Where the Wild Things Are.”

Even with a very full funfilled day there were bumps.

That is life.

Where’s my cookie ,


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