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Ms Dallas’ Observation

Published on October 30, 2013 under Halloween

Ms Dallas is going to school one night a week to get her Child Development Credential.  This is a big step for her as she has to sacrifice family time to be there and study but I am so proud of her effort. She is already a great team player and this will only make her better.  Today her advisor came for her first on-site visit.  Basically she followed Dallas around from 745 -11:15 listening to everything she said ( or didnt say ) , her reactions to situations with the kids and parents and other classroom management strategies.  Dallas did well.  I am not surprised. She ran the show today and I got to play ” Dallas ” or teachers aide.  I will say I LOVED IT!  When there are less decisions to be made, less thinking to do, less things that need you… you can actually play a  lot more and there is just a different level of cam.  I liked it.  Did I already say that ?

As if there wasnt enough tension this morning we had a spontaneous fire drill. By spontaneous I mean, the smoke alarm went off when I opened the oven. Also , when I heard the first sounds of thunder I asked Ms Dallas would she like to take the kids out for a but before it rained and she did.  As SOON AS WE GOT OUT THE DOOR, it started to rain and thunder and lightening.  🙂  She handled it like a pro and got the kids on the porch and reminded them that she was their safe keeper and she would keep them safe. She asked them to listen to the thunder and smell the rain.  ( Yep.. .that was good… )




In small groups today the kids patterned candy corn and candy pumpkins.  They liked it.








































In circle time Ms Dallas retold the story of ” The Little Old Lady Who was Not Afraid of Anything” using a flannel board. The kids had the pieces and helped her add them at the appropriate time.



Of course we had the normal activities on the table like this one.  She was matching the monster eyes to the monster ) color matching. )





















With that rain comes ” the rainy toy box.”  When we are unable to go outside to hop, run and climb we have to find ways inside to stimulate the kids and encourage them to use their gross motor skills. In our box are atleast 9 different skills using familiar toys. There were boom whackers, hop scotch, bowling, balance beams, monster feet, bath puffs for throwing, bean bag toss, balance ball and the egg on the spoon game.


Today was such a better day than yesterday . Even with the few changes we had to make it helped  to remind us after days like yesterday that we really are good teachers .



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