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Groceries and Mud Puddles

Published on October 15, 2013 under People/ places that provide food.

Today was one of those days as a teacher that you say ” YIPEE SKIPPEEE  the opportunities to learn  I set up for the kids is WORKING !” and ” It was SO worth it to stay up late and look like crap the next morning for this ! ”  As I listened to the kids and watched today, I had a sense of pride.  We were learning to count, learning that print has meaning , learning to write / copy words to a list, learning to take turns and be responsible all in the context of PLAY. PLAY!!!!











































There was a list on the wall for the popular job of store manager. The store manager had a huge job. He had to make sure the store was ready to open by putting the groceries on the shelves ( using picture and word labeling ) and check out the costumers groceries.
























In order to be a customer we talked about how important it is to fill out a list of things you need.  ( We dont do worksheets but we have lots of opportunities to write ! )





The center was so popular that we had to set time limits. More learning going on as the children asked when their time was and I was able to show them on the clock.  NUMBERS !!!























It was a fantastic morning.  The level of learning that was going on was incredible.

We also finished our recipe book of what our favorite things our moms cook is and how she fixes it.


Cutting coupons was an activity available today .























We played a game .  I said ” I I went shopping. I just got back. Can you tell me what is in my sack ?”   The kids would use visual clues, pictures on the labels to tell me what was in the jar or box.  Did you know this is a great pre-reading skill ?  We also tried to find atleast one letter that each child recognized on the packaging.











































And we played a math game counting leaves.

Then…. we went outside. I had three kids that had rainboots already but have no fear, I am a teacher hoarder.  I brought out my tub of welly’s ( boots ) and found a boot that fit each child and went puddle hoppin !   Yes, we go outside when it is damp. When it is hot.  When it is windy. They only time we dont go outside is when there is a weather warning or falling precipitation.  ( Please send your child dressed for outdoor play every day. )
























If I had to write down days that we near perfect in preschool, today would be one of those !



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