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People and Places that Provide Food

Published on October 14, 2013 under People/ places that provide food.

People and places that provide food is out topic this week.

I think one of my favorite activities was asking the kids what was their favorite food that their mom cooks.  One child said chicken nuggets.  Then we ask them how she cooks it.   ( We are assembling a small cookbook of the kids recipes.  )

Me: Whats your favorite thing that your mom cooks ?

Child: Chicken Nuggets

Me: How does mom cook them ?

Child : She puts them in the microwave.

Me : But where does she get them from ? ( Fishing for the answer fridge or grocery store )


I am not telling WHO’s child this was  and  since we made a graph and seven of the children said their favorite place to eat is Mc Donalds it could be several .


There was a leaf shadow game on the table


and a squirrel matching game. This game is a little tough.  Part of the squirrel had a picture on it and you needed to match the tail that ” goes with it. ” EX:  One squirrel had a picture of leaves and a tail had a rake.





















There was a lot of reading going on today.

As a group :



Alone :























With Dad:




















On the IPAD :


There were new activities on the table as well. There were leaves with numbers on them.   Activities like this are good for number recognition and one to one correspondence.



Without any instruction Ty went to the leaves and laid them out in correct numerical order. Wow….

On the way home from the Delta yesterday Randy and I stopped off at the container store and he picked out these beautiful miniature acrylic boxes. The look great on the light table as the colors light up so vibrant. These are also good for fine motor practice and cognitive skills as the kids figure out which lid goes on which container .























This morning the dramatic play ( dress up center ) was turned into a grocery store.  Thanks to the parent that brought in boxes  ! They were used. I added some real food to the mix also and of course,  some green construction paper money.  The kids loved playing grocery store.





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