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An Author Visits !

Published on October 16, 2013 under special visitors

One of the things that we ” teach ” in preschool is that every book has an author and many of them have illustrators.  Dawn Denton is a friend of mine. We met through her ” real job ” of landscape design . She is the lady that is transforming our yard from a dead ho hum area to a  beautiful thriving area the kids can still play in.

From Tate Publishing :


“What would it feel like to be the last leaf?

Hanging on a branch blowing in the breeze.”

Imagine being the last leaf on a tree. How would you feel? Come explore just what it might be like in The Last Leaf.

The kids listened intently to her story.  I had chill bumps. I dont think I have ever heard an author read her own story before and combining that with Dawn’s sweet voice was a wonderful experience for us all.  Thanks Dawn  !


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