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Things We Smell

Published on September 18, 2013 under 5 senses

Today we talked about our sense of smell.  Have you ever been in a room with a bunch of sweaty kids after they’ve played on a playground in the sun ? Sometimes you wish your sense of smell was a little more dull than normal.

There was a new game on the table that the kids could test their sense of smell. I took salt and pepper jars from the dollar tree and Mr. Randy filled them with lots of different aromatic things like pineapple, cinnamon, mint and lemon. The kids had fun picking them up and sniffing them.  One of them had leftover brownie in it and the kids loved that one.























The landscaper found a small snake outside the fence while she was working so Dallas took the kids on a walk ( to keep them safe ) and found a spruce tree to smell.

During circle time we talked about things we like to smell and things we don’t like to smell. Many of the kids got hung up on smelly socks for a bad smell .  As we talked we made a list .  We write a lot of things down that we talk about. Our purpose is to teach the kids that print has meaning. In other words going beyond A B and C and what they sound like to knowing that the letters put together make words that we can read.  After the second group finished today Alina came and picked up the first groups paper and said ” what did they say ?” She got it !  Bit by bit, it all comes together.


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